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Digital Content Creation Nightmare & How DesignSuiteAI Clears The Path!

In today's gig economy, content is non-negotiable for businesses. The surging demand for digital content like e-books, reports, and online courses is driven by their convenience, environmental friendliness, and portability.

Consider the staggering projections: the e-learning market touching $370 billion by 2026 and the valuation of e-books and reports at a cool $15.71 billion. Services like OverDrive underscore the trend with hundreds of millions in digital checkouts. In the USA alone, traditional e-books chalk up sales in the hundreds of millions annually.

For businesses to thrive in 2023 and beyond, a robust content creation and distribution strategy is vital. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, trainers have leveraged their expertise on platforms like KDP, Teachable, and Udemy to grow their businesses into multi-million-dollar ventures.

Yet, the challenges are profound. Creating quality content can be painstaking and expensive. Outsourcing can cost hundreds per ebook, accumulating thousands over time.

While PLR (Private Label Rights) content offers a
shortcut, it often lacks originality and quality.

Even after enduring the creation phase, another beast awaits: marketing. The intricacies of setting up compelling leads funnel, driving targeted traffic, and ensuring those much-needed conversions for your info product (ebooks, reports e.t.c) can be overwhelming.

This is where we come in.

We're not just another tool in the shed; we’re your complete digital content workshop. From crafting engaging high quality info content such as ebooks, reports, flipbooks, to designing lead funnels and driving traffic, DesignSuiteAI streamlines the entire process. With us, you’re not just keeping up with the digital content revolution; you're leading it.


The game-changing, cloud-based “AI-Powered” Design & Content Creation Suite that’s set to redefine the industry. With just a simple keyword input, this groundbreaking technology will INSTANTLY craft STUNNING Ebooks, Mesmerizing Interactive Flipbooks, and in-depth Reports, delivering unmatched speed and quality!

Why is it groundbreaking, you ask?

Imagine firing up DesignSuiteAI and keying in ‘Digital Marketing’, 'Keto Diet’ or ‘Weight Loss’. In mere moments, faster than you can jot down your next big idea, you're handed THREE PROFESSIONALLY designed, high-quality outputs ready for the market. No fluff, no waiting — just pure AI efficiency. This is not the future, this is DesignSuiteAI, and it's here to revolutionize your content creation journey!

Our customers consistently use DesignSuiteAI to produce a wide range of top-notch marketing materials, such as:

Info Products
How-to Guides
Detailed Reports
Interactive Flipbooks
Promotional Material

And so much more…

DesignSuiteAI has proven to be a key tool in empowering individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

A Sneak Peek Of DesignSuiteAi's Masterpieces!

A Quantum Leap In AI-Powered Design & Creation Innovations!

DesignSuiteAI presents a major Breakthrough with Its unparalleled advanced AI-Powered GPT-4 “InstantBuilder” and “ProBuilder” ENGINES which sets DesignSuiteAI miles ahead of the competition.

InstantBuilder - The Genie In Your Design Lamp:

You've heard of rubbing a lamp and making a wish? Well, with InstantBuilder, you're doing just that, only digitally! Using the state-of-the-art capabilities of Advanced AI GPT-4 Technology, it's like making a wish to a genie... but for content. Here's how it stands out:

Unmatched Efficiency:

Simply key in a topic, be it "Yoga Techniques", "Digital Marketing Trends" or "Gourmet Cooking", and let the AI handle the rest. Within moments, InstantBuilder crafts not just one but THREE unique design outputs – an Ebook, a Flipbook, and an In-depth Report.

Quality Meets Speed:

Say goodbye to compromising on quality for speed. InstantBuilder guarantees top-notch, visually striking designs and content every single time.

ProBuilder - The Designer's Dream Workshop:

For those who like to have full control over their creations, ProBuilder is the perfect companion. It comes loaded with:

Your Very Own GPT-4 AI Writer:

While automation is great, sometimes you need a personal touch. With ProBuilder, shape your content narrative while the GPT-4 AI Writer fills in the gaps, ensuring your content remains rich, engaging, and tailored to your audience.

Full Creative Control:

With features like Table of Contents & Page Numbering, a Built-In e-book Editor, an E-cover Designer with inline editing, and a treasure trove of over 100 DFY E-book templates, it's like having an entire design studio, minus the overheads!

Go Beyond Design & Creation: Experience DesignSuiteAI Ecosystem!

At DesignSuiteAI, we're not just about creating eBooks, reports, and flipbooks. While our two core engines – InstantBuilder and ProBuilder – empower you with unmatched design and creation capabilities, we've taken DesignSuiteAI beyond its roots, evolving it into a holistic ecosystem tailored for the modern entrepreneur.

We've closely observed and understood the challenges faced by your customers. The creation of high-quality content is just one step. The real game begins with how you leverage that content to build connections, generate leads, and drive sales. The gap between creation and conversion had to be bridged.

The DesignSuiteAI platform has expanded from just design tools to a comprehensive ecosystem. The addition of the Done-For-You (DFY) approach emphasizes convenience and results-driven methods, providing a complete solution for users at every step of their digital marketing journey.

DFY Ebooks, Reports, Flipbook:

Dive into our ever-growing library of 100+ ready-to-use ebooks. But that's not all! You can request up to 5 high-quality ebooks in any niche each month, or you can simply harness the power of our twin engines if you wish to create and design your own ebooks, reports, flipbook and so on.

DFY Lead Funnels & Builder:

We'll craft your lead capture and delivery funnel, ensuring you kick off your email list building at full speed. However, you have the freedom to build your own high-converting lead funnel using our integrated funnel builder and lead magnet delivery system, so that you can design captivating opt-in funnels and landing pages, ensuring that your eBooks, reports don’t just look great – they convert, too.

DFY Traffic Generation & Promotion:

But what’s a funnel without traffic? For the first 30 days, we'll push the pedal and drive targeted traffic to your lead funnel 100% FREE, Ensuring your ebooks, reports or flip books get the eyeballs they deserve. You’ll also have access to tools to drive targeted traffic to your landing pages using our dynamic Social Media Scheduler, Viral Dashboard.

Lead Management & Promotion:

An eBook is often the first step in your customer's journey. With DesignSuiteAI, once you've captured those leads, manage them seamlessly. Export the leads, introduce them to your other eBook titles, or cross-promote other offers. It's an end-to-end system designed with the modern marketer in mind.

From Creation to Conversion:

The 4-Step Power Process of DesignSuiteAI!

Step 1

Content Creation

Craft stunning Ebooks using either of our two powerful builder engines, access a vast library of DFY Ebooks, or simply request an ebook tailored to your needs.

Step 2

Lead Capture

Use our DFY lead funnel system to rapidly build your email list, or set up captivating lead funnels with our integrated Landing Page and Opt-in Form Builders.

Step 3

Traffic & Promotion

Amplify your reach by driving traffic to your funnels using our Done-for-you Ads and the dynamic Social Media Scheduler, Viral Dashboard.

Step 4

Profit Generation & Expansion

Convert traffic into leads and sales, then export these leads for further engagement. Moreover, promote our offers and elevate your earnings by becoming a DesignSuiteAI affiliate.

DesignSuiteAI is no longer just a design tool. It’s a design and marketing powerhouse, built into a comprehensive ecosystem, that supports you from creation to promotion and beyond.

That's Not All... Dive Deeper Into What DesignSuiteAI Has in Store for Your Customers….Your Customers Will Be Able To:

Build Brand Authority:

Boost your brand credibility by offering high-quality ebooks, flipbooks, and reports tailored to your niche. Share these valuable resources on social media to establish industry expertise, attract new clients, and nurture loyalty with your current followers.

Generate More Leads:

Effortlessly build massive email lists online and on social media by offering top-notch ebooks or reports as irresistible lead magnets.

Generate Revenue:

Boost your revenue by selling Ebooks, Flipbooks, and Reports on your own platforms, or earn royalties from your content on marketplaces like Amazon KDP.

Drive Quality Traffic:

Drive targeted traffic from various PDF sharing sites and online consumer marketplaces. Share previews of your e-books, flipbooks, reports, and infographics on social media, linking back to the full content, to effectively steer traffic to your website or offers.

Repurpose Content Efficiently:

Maximize the potential of your existing content. Turn blog posts, scripts, or even podcasts into engaging eBooks and reach a wider audience.

Expand Reach & Drive Engagement:

Expand your reach and boost user engagement with visually captivating interactive Flipbooks and infographics.

Unmatched Versatility:

Go beyond ebooks – craft reports, guides, info products, and so much more.

Save Time & Money:

Say goodbye to expensive designers/freelancers and time-consuming software, and say hello to simplicity.

Zero Learning Curve:

Even if you're not tech-savvy, DesignSuiteAI is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Priority Support:

Our dedicated support team is always available to help with all your concerns, ensuring you're never left alone.

DesignSuiteAI Leads The Pack With Groundbreaking Features Not Found Anywhere Else At An Unbelievable Price!

($37-One time)
Create e-books
Create Reports
Create Flipbooks
GPT 4 - AI Writer (Write a complete ebook by just a keyword)
Collection Creator
Password Protect eBOOK
Export PDF to - 5 Formats (Word, PPT, HTML, XML, Flipbook)
BoxShot Designer
Dual Builder Engines (Instant & Pro Builder)
AI generated Images
Millions of Royalty Free Images
200+ eBook Templates
Watermarks to PDF
Compress PDF
Lead Funnels
Instant Landing Page Builder
30+ Landing Templates
(Drag n Drop Optin Forms builder)
26 Building Blocks
Setup Offer Delivery
Attach Offer with Landing Pages
Built in Offer Delivery on Lead Subscribe
Leads Search & Export
Filter Collected Leads
Built in Social Media Scheduler
DFY Funnel Service Paid

DesignSuiteAI's Cutting-Edge Features Revolutionize Creation & Design For Your Customers!

Dual Builder Engines:

DesignSuiteAI integrates two powerhouse engines, the InstantBuilder and ProBuilder. Both are intuitively designed to make the creation of ebooks, flipbooks, and reports a seamless experience. Whether you're looking for instant results with a single keyword or wish to take full control of your design process, these engines have got you covered.

Chat-based GPT-4 AI Writer:

Interact in real-time with an advanced AI writer, making content creation feel like a conversation.

Table of Contents:

Automatically generate a structured and clickable table of contents for easy navigation in your e-books.

Page Numbering:

Ensure every page is clearly labeled for swift referencing.

Built-In e-book Editor:

Seamless in-app editing capability lets you make changes and tweaks on-the-fly.

Done For You E-Book:

Jumpstart your content journey with pre-made, professionally crafted e-books tailored for various niches.

E-Cover Designer:

Craft compelling e-covers that grab attention and boost perceived value.

200+ DFY Design Templates:

Get started instantly with over 200 professionally designed, ready-to-use templates.

Unlimited Pages:

No constraints! Create e-books, flip-books and report as comprehensive as you need.

Built-in Image Library:

Access a plethora of quality images right within the app.

Upload Your Own Media:

Personalize your content by uploading custom images, graphics, and more.

Millions of Stock Images:

Elevate your design with a vast collection of premium stock images.

AI Generated Images:

Leverage AI-created imagery tailored to your content.

E-Book Categories:

Organize and sort your e-books into relevant categories for easy management.

Saved E-Books:

Conveniently access and manage your saved projects.

Multiple Publishing Options:

Flexibility to export in various formats including PDF, Word, Presentation, Images, HTML, and XML.

Password Protect Your PDF:

Secure sensitive information by adding password protection.

Add Watermark to Your PDF:

Brand and protect your content with custom watermarks.

Tons of Free PLR Content:

Access a wealth of ready-to-use content across various niches.

Landing Page Templates:

Kickstart your promotions with three unique high-converting landing page templates.

Instant Flip Books Generator:

Transform any PDF, Webpage, or Word Doc into a stunning flip-book in just 30 seconds. Mobile-friendly with HTML5 support.

Security & Permissions:

Ensure your content remains secure and decide who gets access with robust permission settings.

And So Much More…

See What Our Users Are Saying

DesignSuite AI has been a game-changer for my digital marketing campaigns. With a single keyword, it crafts beautiful ebooks and flipbooks that engage my audience. It's like having a content workshop at my fingertips

Lisa Mitchell

As a small business owner, time is precious. DesignSuite AI has simplified the content creation process for me. It's intuitive, fast, and the lead funnel design capabilities have helped me grow my customer base.

Jake Stevens

I've always struggled with creating content, but DesignSuite AI makes it effortless. The stunning ebooks and interactive flipbooks it generates have boosted my online presence and helped me stand out.

Olivia Rodriguez

Teaching has never been this engaging. DesignSuite AI allows me to create captivating educational materials with ease. It's a valuable tool for educators looking to enhance the learning experience.

Mike Patterson

Watch DesignSuiteAI Transform Ideas Into Reality!

A Few Reasons Why DesignSuiteAI is the All-in-One Solution You've Always Craved For!

Your customers no longer need to juggle multiple platforms, subscriptions, and services to execute their marketing strategies. DesignSuiteAI streamlines the process, making it the ultimate ebooks, reports, flipbooks creation and marketing tool you’ll ever need in 2023 and beyond.

No More Expensive Tools or Subscriptions:

Forget Photoshop, Canva, or any other expensive design tools that under deliver. Why pay monthly fees when DesignSuiteAI offers it all under one roof?

No More Expensive Tools or Subscriptions:

Forget Photoshop, Canva, or any other expensive design tools that under deliver. Why pay monthly fees when DesignSuiteAI offers it all under one roof?

Depend on External Talent:

Eliminate the unpredictability of ghostwriters and freelancers. Say goodbye to endless revisions, missed deadlines, or haggling over fees. With DesignSuiteAI, you are in control and guaranteed quality every time.

PDF Operations Made Easy

Forget about accessing multiple online websites for PDF operations. With DesignSuiteAI, you can edit, watermark, and password-protect your PDFs seamlessly.

Seamles Cloud Hosting:

Store all your files without seeking third-party hosting solutions.

Ecover Design:

Drop the extra expense of hiring a Fiverr designer for boxshots and ecovers. Craft compelling covers using the In-app E-Cover Designer.

Landing Page Software:

Say goodbye to the recurring fees of platforms like ClickFunnels or Convertri, which can cost upwards of $97/month.

Landing Page Software:

Don't shell out another $49/month on email solutions like Mailchimp, Aweber, or ConvertKit. DesignSuiteAI lead funnel and delivery system takes care of this.

Traffic Generation:

You don't need to hire an agency for $1500 per month. Our integrated solutions ensure your content gets the visibility it deserves.

Banner Ad Design:

Eliminate the need to hire another freelancer for ad graphics designs.

Non-Intuitive Platforms:

Bid farewell to complicated design platforms or software. Our platform is user-friendly, efficient, and gives you professional-grade results hassle free.

Stay Copyright Compliant:

Every content piece is exclusively yours, eliminating any copyright worries.

Always Fresh, Always Relevant:

DesignSuiteAI is created to generate fresh ebooks, reports, flipbooks every single time, you’ll no longer have to worry about old outdated boring content for all your marketing needs.

Stay Copyright Compliant:

Why jump between platforms and burn through your budget when DesignSuiteAI offers everything in one efficient software? With DesignSuiteAI, you get the power of multiple tools in one. Help your customers make the smart switch today!

Why Partner With DesignSuiteAI?

Jump aboard the DesignSuiteAI revolution and watch your profits soar! Why? Because DesignSuiteAI isn’t just another product – it has mass market appeal. Perfect for any customer in any niche, whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, its versatile capabilities ensure it's a must-have tool for every industry.
Every detail has been carefully crafted, ensuring your promotion is a sure-fire win. We’ve pulled out all the stops, investing heavily to guarantee a top-notch product and exceptional marketing materials. It’s more than just a product, it’s a game-changer with unique selling angles.
With DesignSuiteAI, not only will your customers thank you, but your wallet will too. Expect to rake in a ton of commissions! We have paid out thousands In commissions to our affiliates from our previous launches such as VidMingo, Viral Dashboard and HostLegends, DesignSuiteAI is yet the Biggest.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to promote the next big thing In AI Innovations.

High Converting Funnel Breakdown:

Front End






With 50% Commission





With 50% Commission


DFY System







With 50% Commission



Stock Media


With 50% Commission


DesignSuiteAI Agency Reseller

Silver $97 (20 Client Accounts)
Gold $197 (50 Client Accounts)
Diamond $297 (100 Client Accounts)

With 50% Commission







With 50% Commission

Do We Reciprocate?

Absolutely! If your product aligns with our audience, we'll promote it to our email list and via our various promotion channels. Check out results from our recent promotions."

Launch Opens:

September 17, 11 AM ET

Launch Closes:

September 23, 11:59 PM ET

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